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The Venus Factor Review

Review Summary

Before going through all the details, let me give you a brief summary as to what all can you expect from this program and if this program is worth your money:

  • Venus Factor is a body shaping program not a diet program, the duration of this program is only 12 weeks
  • It has been designed by John Barban, he is a nutritionist and fitness coach for 12 years and has trained many hollywood celebs like Britney spears, lolo, opera, etc
  • Program can be tailored to every individual's physique and eating habits, you don't have to go on diet.
    • It consists of an ebook manual, video series, highly active forum, iPhone - Android apps and Venus Factor Nutrition software.

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In Depth Review – Venus Factor

Hey, I am Vincent and here you will find in depth review of John Barbon’s Venus factor program. We all have unique body types. How weight loss or fat loss works for women, is somewhat different than men. In this review of Venus Factor program, I will take you over the important details of it and help you arrive at an informed decision about its purchase.

Who Created Venus Factor?

  • John Barban is the face behind this venus factor program. He's a well known fitness professional and also a world-class pro in nutrition, biology, and function. John Barban Reveals His Ultra-Clever Female Fat Loss Workouts And Nutrition Plans For Achieving "Divine Proportions" And The Ideal Female Figure

  • He was doing some study on individual metabolism when he found some surprising facts about leptin which influences those girls who want to eliminate some lbs. Many people have succeeded with this particular laser-centered approach today.

  • Below you can watch John Barban’s video for in-depth explanation regarding Venus Factor program.

Components Of Venus Factor Program

  • Venus Factor Nutrition Diet – When you will purchase Venus factor program you will get this in the form of PDF wherein John Barbon explains how the things can be better in order to achieve the weight loss success and you can also discover the perfect nutritional formula that fulfills your all specific requirements for achieving Venus index ratio.

  • Workout Manual and Schedule: Just like every fitness program you have seen out there, the Venus factor is no exception as it comes with his own workout manual. Here, the workout covers 12 weeks and 3 different phases ; with each phase having a specific workout plan to follow.

  • The Venus factor virtual Nutritionist: An application that enable you to observe the protein and calories.

  • The Venus Community – You'll get complete access of the community with blog, forums etc.

  • The Venus Index podcast: It include audio interviews and success reports of different users of the city.

  • Entry To Community Membership: In this, you get to observe other females that are trying to find exactly the same objective as you. In this manner, you receive impressed not to stop whenever you see others making improvements.

  • The PDF Manual: This PDF includes a 12 week comprehensive plan on just how to go about properly dropping that weight. It has helped a great deal of individuals and yours shouldn't be exclusion.

  • John also provides you with 7 days free of cost access to Venus Factor’s Immersion community.

  • You will also get 100% money back guarantee.


  • Created specifically for women
  • Easily customizable
  • Comprehensive workout routines
  • Unique approach to diet
  • Comprehensive money back guarantee
  • Venus Immersion community


  • Requires 100% dedication
  • Available only on internet


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Why I Personally Like the Venus Factor

Is it also possible to “like” a diet system? Well, there are certainly a large amount of points that I would like to discuss with you:

  • It’s predicated on real body research as opposed to the common “eat less, workout more” approach and it’s explained in a way that we all can easily understand.

  • Diets are likely to make you eager right? Not that one! This eating program doesn't end up in cravings for food and really offers you more electricity while selling fat loss.

  • I love the thought of going on an eating plan once as soon as only. I can’t encounter another recovery and this complete program is targeted on the lifestyle change – something lasting and lasting. 

  • The testimonies are reasonable. No unrealistic supermodel “after” images. Only true females with credible great effects.

  • They certainly have faith in their plan simply because they give you a 60-day cash back guarantee. Unhappy after 60-days only send a contact and claim your return. From your effects I’ve seen I’m guessing you’ll be another happy customer submitting your review though.

  • Whenever you have a easy approach to diet I suppose it really may boil down to “eat less and exercise more” but frequently this ends up in some learning from your errors approaches before you find a thing that works. It’s possible to depend on your will power along with a DIY approach however the outcomes may be gradual incoming if at all.
  • Bonus 1
  • BONUS 2
  • Bonus 3
  • Bonus 4

Video Collections

In this bonus you will get 143 video lessons that will help you a lot in losing your weight. In these video lessons you will find the answers of your questions related to weight loss, exercise and more.​

I truly hope you’ve found this Venus Factor review

helpful and you can take a decision now. I suggest

you not to wait any moment longer,

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My FInal Verdict

I prefer the work smarter not harder method and I believe that maybe what appeals to me most in regards to the Venus Factor. Just like any diet you have to make sure that your general health could be the primary aim and not just shedding weight. This system achieves that and it is definitely worthwhile considering.

No one is going to change your body for you!

What are you waiting for?!